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The Port of Málaga is located in the heart of the city and is the entrance door from the Mediterranean Sea. The Port of Málaga is primarily an importer port but passengers shipping is also a very important activity for the Port of Málaga. Regarding the shipping from abroad, highly important, not only for the port but for the city of Málaga itself, it needs to be mentioned the Tourist Cruises.
Dock 1 'Ricardo Gross': General cargo, Containers and Cruises.
Dock 2 'Guadiaro': Cruises, Cereals and General Cargo.
Dock 3 'Cánovas': Passengers, Ro-ro cargo and Cruises.
Dock 4 'Heredia': Ro-ro cargo and General Cargo.
Dock 5 'Dique Flotante': Repairs and armaments.
Docks 6 & 7 'Romero Robledo': Dry bulks and hazardous cargo .

Fishing Port: At this dock it is located the Fish Market and other facilities regarding the fishing industry , commerce, canning, saltery and nets laying.

Minor crafts dock : Minor crafts and vessels.

Oil tankers berth: Oil products by special installation.

Eastern Dock: Cruceros Turísticos. The berth built onto the Eastern dock currently handles vessels up to 300m long and 11.00 water deep. The new eastern dock has 607 continuous meter for berthing with quay water depth of 17.00 meters and it is 13.50 wide; it has been designed to handle big Cruises and the construction of a Cruise Terminal for passengers is planned.
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Muelle de Cánovas
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