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  Constitución Square
This square has had different names through history. Political, economic and judicial areas had their headquarters placed here. It has been the heart of the city since roman era. Completely rebuilt in 2002.
  La Marina Square
The arrangement of the Square began in the 40s, provoking the demolition of important buildings. The current design of the square belongs to Manuel Solá-Morales, who also built a parking place underneath. While the excavations, some remainders of the Arab wall were found and also a canvas of the port from the 18th century.
  La Merced Square
In 1909 and 1913 it was completely cobbled; and in recent times a block of houses was demolished that was the origin of the old Zanja street, right at the end of Granada Street. Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born here, and has the mortal remains of General Torrijos right under his monument.
Obispo Square
The square was one of the best in Málaga after the conquest of the city by the Catholics. At the end of the seventeenth century the Episcopal Palace (baroque style) was built there. The fountain made of stone we find in the centre of the square dates 1785, getting the water from the Aqueduct of San Telmo.
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